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1. How long does it take to set up a campaign?

About 15 minutes. Answer a few questions about your team or group and your fundraising goal. Upload a logo and some actions shots, if available. That’s it.

2. What happens after I provide this info?

Our smart content engine will instantly create a totally customized fundraising campaign that is ready to launch. You just notify team members they can sign in and add contacts. We help you do that, too.

3. How do people know to contribute to our campaign?

After members of your team or group add contacts to the campaign from their phone, laptop or tablet, we will send highly customized messaging that invites people to make a donation.

4. Do we have to write the messages to potential supporters?

No! We write, design and send everything for you. That’s why Front Rush Fundraising is the simplest, fastest and most profitable way for teams to raise game-changing amounts of money.

5. What about Covid-19?

With Front Rush Fundraising, no in-person interactions or meetings are required at any point in the process. That makes our platform the safest choice when it comes to raising money these days.

6. How often are messages sent to potential supporters?

Supporters receive donation request emails once every five days. Each email they receive will be unique and personalized to them. Text messages are sent once per week. They are unique and personalized, too.

7.  After a donation is made, will donation request messages to that supporter stop?

Yes. The only messages a donor receives will be thank you messages we send on behalf of your campaign.

8. Can supporters opt out of the messages?

Yes. To opt out of text messages, supporters reply with the word STOP. To opt out of emails, supporters click the opt out link.

9. Can supporters donate by credit card or check?

More than 95% of all donations on our platform are by credit card, but you can allow supporters to pledge contributions and mail in checks. We track those donations for you, too. Supporters mail their checks directly to you or the campaign organizer.

10.  What about thank you notes?

Each contributor receives two thank you’s. In addition to the thank you message displayed on the screen of the giving page, we send an email right after the contribution is completed. We send a second thank you email five days later, reminding the supporter how the donation will appear on their credit card or bank statement.

11. Can I download a list of supporters and their address info?

From the Coach Dashboard, you can download a detailed spreadsheet showing all supporters and their address info.

12. What else can we track from the Dashboard?

On the Campaign Scorecard page, you can see which members of your team have signed in and when, how many contacts they added, which contacts by name and relationship, the number and amount of contributions, whether messaging is delivering successfully and if a member needs to fix emails addresses or cell numbers. That’s just the start of the available reporting.

13. What happens to info added to the campaign about our team, team-members and supporters?

Nothing. We use it only to execute your fundraising campaign. We do not share, trade or sell any information ever. Additionally, upon request, we will delete all campaign data from our platform.

14. Can my assistant coaches and me also raise money?

Yes. We are the first and only team fundraiser to offer campaign tools specifically for you and your assistant coaches. Your campaigns will have their own messaging written in the voice of a coach. This will empower you and your assistant can add thousands to your team results in just minutes.

15. Is Front Rush Fundraising a safe and secure platform?

Yes. We are certified PCI-compliant and employ https secure socket security for all of our web pages. We also do not store credit card numbers.

16. How much does it cost to use Front Rush Fundraising?

Starting a campaign is free. Once the donations start, you keep 80% of the first $5,000 in contributions … 85% of the next $5,000 … and 90% of everything else. There are no credit card processing fees or any other costs whatsoever.

17.  Who have you worked with in the past?

Our platform has been used by over 10,000 college, high school and travel teams nationwide. We’ve also raised over $35 million for hundreds of thousands of coaches and student-athletes so they can better afford to follow their passions. We’re happy to provide referrals you can connect with about their experience.

18. How much will we raise?

How much you will raise depends on three factors: how big is your team or group, will each member participate and, of course, how responsive supporters are. The average gift to our campaigns is $60 and it is common for individual student-athletes to generate $200 - $400 each in contributions. Multiply that range by the size of your roster for a realistic estimate of your results.

19. How long does a campaign last?

We send five weeks of messaging about your campaign to potential supporters as they are added to the campaign. So, tack on five weeks to when the most recent supporters have been added to your campaign and you have an end date.

20.  Do I have to wait for the campaign to end to access our money?

No. You can request a profit check at any time and we’ll send it out in a few days. If you need electronic transfer of funds, we can do that, too. Requesting a profit check does not stop the campaign or have any impact on the fundraising process.

21. GoFundMe costs less, why shouldn’t I use that platform instead?

GoFundMe is wonderful for fundraisers addressing highly viral and emotional causes, like medical emergencies, natural disasters, community dangers, etc. Less than a third of campaigns achieve their goal on GoFundMe and the #1 reason people use GoFundMe is for medical needs.

Our platform is purpose-built for teams where a completely different dynamic exists. We know you and your team members are not looking to spend weeks writing, sending and promoting fundraising messages nor is the typical fundraising cause for a team viral.

Our focus is to provide a fast and effortless process to raise a targeted amount of money that typically ranges from $5,000 - $15,000. We provide all of the content for your campaign and handle all of the composing, designing, sending and tracking of your messaging.

We also process all contributions and thank your supporters for you. That means your team can raise thousands while only spending 15 minutes adding contacts. We literally do everything else for you.

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