Front Rush Fundraising utilizes a platform developed in coordination with independent experts on NCAA rules and infractions concerning fundraising generally and crowdfunding specifically. Front Rush Fundraising has taken the following steps to ensure that our campaigns are compliant with applicable NCAA legislation:

  1. Use of Student-Athlete Images. NCAA rules state that images of currently enrolled student-athletes may be used for the purposes of fundraising on a team’s behalf but may not be used in the promotion of a third party service or a for-profit venture. Front Rush Fundraising uses student-athlete images only for team fundraising campaigns.

  2. No "Earmarking". NCAA coaches using Front Rush Fundraising are notified that funds raised as a result of our campaigns may not be credited to or distributed to individual student-athletes. Results of our campaigns must be utilized in a manner that equally benefits all members of the team, without regard to any individual student-athlete’s participation in the campaign or the individual results generated by any participating student-athlete.

  3. Voluntary Participation. NCAA coaches using Front Rush Fundraising may not compel student-athletes to participate in a fundraising campaign on our platform. No individual student-athlete may be penalized in any manner whatsoever for lack of participation in a Front Rush Fundraising campaign or for outcomes resulting from their participation.

  4. "Us, We, Our". In all Front Rush Fundraising campaigns and communications, we ensure that our campaigns do not state, imply or suggest that contributions will go toward and/or or directly benefit any individual student-athlete. All benefits and proceeds from a campaign must benefit all student-athletes equally, regardless of their participation in a Front Rush Fundraising campaign.

  5. Institution Policies. NCAA rules state that an NCAA-member institution may utilize a third-party fundraising platform (or crowdfunding site) in conjunction with its institutional fundraising efforts provided the provisions of Bylaw are satisfied (e.g., institutional, charitable, education or nonprofit regulations).

For additional information about how Front Rush Fundraising conforms to NCAA rules governing crowdfunding, please send an inquiry to:

Front Rush Fundraising
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